How Can We Help You With Our Property Services In Birmingham?

If you need a new kitchen, bathroom, boiler, house rewire or anything else, we’d love to hear from you. Quotes are completely FREE. No salesmen, just expert tradesmen in Birmingham.


New Kitchen supply and installation + full kitchen refurbishments.


New bathrooms supply and installation + full bathroom refurbishment.


Have your home in Birmingham rewired by an electrician with 30+ years experience.

Boiler Changes

Time for a boiler change? Get it fitted by an expert who can undertake all aspects of your boiler replace.

Central Heating

It's not just energy companies that can take care of your central heating, get a quote from C&N and compare.

Free Quotes

Quotes are always free. Let's have a chat.

Why choose C and N Property Refurbishment?

  • Free Quotes: Free means free, we will never charge you to quote for your proposed project.
  • Birmingham Based: Based in Birmingham, we can beat the larger home installation companies on price and service by miles. If you’ve had any quotes off British Gas, B&Q et al, we’d love to hear from you and demonstrate how we can do more for less.
  • Incredibly Experienced: There’s a big difference between a trades-person who has just left college and one who has been working in the home renovation and refurbishment sector for decades. Get a quote off time served professional who knows your needs and requirements inside out.
  • We Care: It’s increasingly popular in this industry to find people who want to throw your project together and get off onto the next one, never to be seen again. We care, we take our time, and we do a proper job. You’ll not find anyone criticising the work of C&N.
  • Quality Products: There’s an incredibly wide fluctuation in pricing for property refurbishment works. You can pay as little as 50 pence for wall sockets (and as much as 20£), but they’re not built to last. We only install quality products, built to stand the test of time.
  • Passionate: If we wouldn’t do it to our own house, on our own kitchens, bathrooms, electrical or plumbing systems, we won’t do it on yours. Caring about our workmanship and overall finish is imperative to us and without it, we’d get zero job satisfaction. We know how to do what we do, and we do it well.
  • Staged Payments: Home refurbishment projects can range from £100 to £100,000. We never ask for full payment up-front, ever. We do often ask for a small deposit, but you will not part with a penny more until you have seen your project progress. Before the commencement of your project, we will outline a staged payment to reflect the nature and length of time your project will take.