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Full and Partial House Rewiring In Birmingham

Need your property in Birmingham West Midlands rewired? Call C&N Property Refurbishment today and speak directly to an electrician in Birmingham whose been rewiring houses, flats and apartments for over three decades. When it comes to electrical alterations and new installations, experience counts for everything. With extensive hands on electrical experience and know how we can undertake your rewiring project competently, efficiently and at an affordable price. House rewiring quotations are always FREE. References are available.

Enjoy a simple, stress free house rewiring service

We’ll listen to your electrical requirements and give you all of the help and advice that you need. Having done so many house rewires in Birmingham, over the years we’ve developed a simple, efficient and competitively priced house rewiring service and have many satisfied customers as a result. Click here to book your FREE quote.

Upon our original visit to your home we’ll discuss what electrical requirements you have in each room of your home and write everything down, ensuring we know exactly how many sockets you want and where, lighting, external lighting and power points. After discussing and answering any questions you have, we’ll go away and produce a written quotation detailing everything that we will be doing for you and how much it will cost, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Every electrical quote issued is a FIXED price, no hidden extras or price inflation.

Hands on experience

Having rewired hundreds of homes all over the West Midlands, you won’t find anyone more competent at delivering a fast, efficient, orderly house rewiring service at a competitive price.

Staged Payments

We accept staged payments on all of the work we do, meaning you don’t have to part with any money before we’ve started working on your home. The final payment isn’t due until we’ve finished. A very fair payment scale.

Quality Guaranteed

We take our time and do a proper job, installing only the best products. All of your electrical work will be guaranteed and certified. If there’s ever a problem after we’ve finished, we’re only a phone call away.

A full and proper electrical installation service

Your wiring will be guaranteed and thoroughly tested, giving you peace of mind. We’ll keep your property tidy at the end of our working day and ensure that all of your power is always on. We specialise in minimal disruption.

Having your home rewired is a relatively invasive project, there’s no getting away from that. Floor boards have to be lifted to access the joists in which your new cabling will be threaded through, decoration is often affected, although we do our very best to avoid damage when it is possible but it’s likely that redecoration will be required in some rooms, and in worst cases all rooms, we’ll need to access your loft to rewire your upstairs lighting circuits, and in some cases we’ll be crawling around underneath your downstairs floor, running fresh new cables to your downstairs sockets.

We do our very best to keep those living in the property while the work progresses as comfortable as possible, and always ensure that your electricity is working by temporarily connecting until the final switch over, when we install your new consumer unit. The longest you will be without power is 3 hours on the final day, while we finish your consumer unit and test your circuits to double and triple check that when we leave, your electrical system is in tip top shape.

Whether you need an electrician to rewire your home, a kitchen fitter in Birmingham to supply and install a new kitchen, a bathroom fitter or a boiler expert, get in touch for a chat and book your free quote.

How long will my house rewire take?

It varies depending on the size of your property and also how experienced your electrician is at this type of installation, but working on averages you’ll be looking at around five days for us to renew all of your wires and second fix your new power points and lighting circuits. Which, is relatively fast when you see just how much work is involved.

Upon completion you’ll get your five year guarantee, which means any faulty goods will be replaced for free, and your building regulations certification, to show that your homes electrical system is in perfect working order and more importantly safe order. A handy piece of paper to have if you intend on moving in the near future.

We’d love to hear from you..

We also replace boilers in Birmingham, fit new kitchens and install new bathrooms, this means we can take a look at any other planned property works you may have while we are giving you your FREE electrical quote and give you any tips and advice that you may need. Very often we’re approached by people having their home rewired who are also thinking about having other work done due to house rewiring being one of the first services required when modernising.

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