Over the course of the last few weeks and over the course of the coming, we’re going to be making a lot of changes to C&N Property Refurbishment. Some of our internal pages may not be live, some that are live may-be being tweaked and played around with. Things may even suddenly chop and change while you’re on the site itself.

What’s She Looking Like

This is a screenshot of the current home page of C&N Property Refurbishment

We are very much open for business while these changes are underway. We are undertaking these website updates in-house, helping to ensure that our business costs remain rock bottom, equally helping us to compete with the very best of them for all local home improvement services, including, but not limited to- kitchen fitting, bathroom installation, house rewiring, boiler upgrades and more.

You can read more about C&N Property Refurbishment here. If you wish to have a chat about your home renovation and refurbishment requirements, see our contact details here.

NEW Logo of c and n property refurbishment
This is the C&N Property Refurbishment Logo

The Key Parts We’re Looking To Improve

Here’s a brief list of things we’re looking to improve on our little piece of the world wide web;

  • Information: Having worked in people’s houses across Birmingham for decades, we’re more than aware of how perplexing the home you live in can be. We’ll be publishing useful, actionable and helpful blog posts about the best ways to tackle a variety of home renovation issues.
  • Design: We all like different things, but there are a few fundamental things that we all like. We’ll be looking at how best to serve our website up to our visitors so that the information is as visible and as consumable mentally and technically as it can be, right down to the colors of text.
  • Contact options: We’ll be making it as easy as pie to reach out to us so that we’re there when you need us.
  • Usability: It’s all well and good having a brand spanking new property services website, but if it’s horrible to use then it will be counter-productive. We aim to make www.CandNPropertyRefurbishment.co.uk incredibly easy to navigate.

Have your say!

If you have any feedback or ideas of your own that you would like to see implemented on our website, or if you have noticed anything wrong or something that doesn’t work, by all means, let us know in the comments below!